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Did I ever tell you about the time...

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"Ten January, nineteen sixty nine. I tracked McClay up through Chilkat Pass. I found him at the top half a mile from the border. His ankle was broken, his ammunition spent. He just sat staring at the horizon. I took his rifle without a struggle. All he said was, 'Don't tell my son' and then he jumped. The man was falling to his death and all he cared about was how his son would remember him. I buried him there this morning. I'll tell Gerard he got away from me. The last time I saw Ben he was barely tall enough to reach my belt. When I said good-by, he shook my hand. Never a tear nor a complaint. Seven years old and he's already a stronger man than I'll ever be. Someday I'll tell him." ~From Robert Fraser's journal. (Pilot, 1x00)
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Robert: So we're off then. [he looks at the transfer papers]

Fraser: Do you mind! This is private.

Robert: I don't know about you but I could use a change of scenery.

Fraser: What possible difference could scenery make in your condition.

Robert: Well I always liked a good view.

Fraser: What? Barren rocks and snow?

Robert: You used to climb those rocks.

Fraser: I still do.

Robert: Well let's choose one then [pulls out a map]

Fraser: Dad, I don't have time for this. I'm in the middle of a case.

Robert: Oh. Lord Nelson. Your mother and I had a cabin. One bedroom with stove and all the coal she could carry and 360 degree view of the strip mines.

Fraser: Sounds attractive.

Robert: Three months and your mother was a raving lunatic. Then we moved on to Nelson Port, Nelson House. The names alone drove her around the bend. We finally ended up in Rat River. Oh I have fond memories of the Rat. Your mother didn't.

Fraser: I can imagine.

Robert: Gotta look ahead son, not back.

Fraser: I haven't left yet.

Robert: You will.

(Source - this is from the unofficial transcripts at Katy's no-frills link page for dueSouth Transcripts.)
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Robert: He's slowing you down.

Fraser: He's slowing me down?

Robert: When I first joined the mounted police all the equipment we got was a paper bag and a pointed stick. We used the bag to boil tea and the stick was for killing game and if you lost either they charged you!

Fraser: Are you ill?
Robert There's nothing to be ashamed of son, you've got a man to catch.

(Source - this is from the unofficial transcripts at Katy's no-frills link page for dueSouth Transcripts.)

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"You know, Ray, when I was a young man, my father told me one thing to always remember about thieves. Well, actually he told me two things, but I've forgotten the other one. Anyway, the important one is that despite the adage, you will rarely find honour among thieves."
"Can't remember the other one?"
"It was something about tying a wallet to your underwear. I was very young at the time." ~Constable Benton Fraser relaying advise from his father to partner Ray Vecchio.
(1x01 - Free Willie)
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This journal is going to be a site for collecting the *ahem* vast wisdom we accumulate from Robert Fraser over the course of the series Due South. It will include things learned from his diaries, the anecdotes he tells his son post-mortem, and memories recounted by Benton Fraser, his son.

It only takes an extra moment to be polite, and an extra few minutes to be accurate. So please, when posting, make sure that you recount the story/event/diary entry verbatim as it appears in the show. And please specify which episode it came from and tag it to the appropriate season. Everyone will benefit from your efforts.

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